THE IMPACT COALITION The Impact Coalition brings communities together in support of young change-makers across British Columbia. Our mission is to amplify and support youth voices on issues that are important them, integrating communities as we rebuild and adapt to COVID-19.

Our current program focuses on exploring Racial Justice & Collective Belonging. Youth volunteers will work alongside a network of mentors and non-profits to define shared meanings and explore how current societal pressures impact our ability to communicate and connect with one another. To accomplish this, we are working with educators, researchers and experts on race, gender and psychology to co-create virtual training on Racism and develop educational resources.

As a coalition of mentors and change-makers, our desire is to integrate silos, enhance knowledge-sharing, and heighten the impact of grassroots activists and not-for-profit societies through collaboration, research and education.


1. SEEK UNDERSTANDING. Working with academics with expertise in Race, Diversity and Inclusion, we look towards deepening our understanding through research and dialog.

2. DEVELOP PARTNERSHIPS. Work with Non-profit, grassroots organizations and Industry partners on a shared project, led by Youth. With support and mentorship, these Youth leaders will create resources and tools that can be shared. We have a network of 20 mentors who have expertise in areas like communication, digital, strategy, media and project management.

3. PROVIDE TECHNOLOGY SKILLS TRAINING. Youth leaders will receive access and training to SaaS content platforms like Canva and BC-based Thought Exchange which helps leaders crowdsource answers to questions in real time.


1. KNOWLEDGE AND CONTEXT IS KEY. We are co-creating programs for skills development that deepen dialogue, critical thinking, analyses and storytelling with academics, community experts and youth leaders.

2. SHARED MEANING & COLLABORATION. We seek collaboration not duplication. Our goal is to partner with non-profit, grassroots, academia, industry partners and those with lived experiences to amplify social change, mentor young leaders and learn by doing.




We are looking for 5 more Youth Leaders to join the organizing team.


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